Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide

Learn How to Work From Home Now

New to Microsoft Teams? Lean how you can get you and your team working efficiently from home.

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  • Sign In
  • Pick a team and channel
  • Start a conversation
  • Start a meeting
  • Make video and audio calls
  • @mention someone
  • Reply to a conversation
  • Add an emoji, meme, or GIF
  • Stay on top of things
  • Share a file
  • Add a tab in a channel
  • Work with files
  • Search for stuff
  • Add apps
  • Find your personal apps
  • Next steps with Microsoft Teams
  • Move around teams
  • View and organise teams
  • Find personal apps
  • Add apps
  • Every team has channels
  • Start a new chat
  • Add tabs
  • Use the command box
  • Manage profile settings
  • Manage your team
  • Join or create a team
  • Add files
  • Reply
  • Compose a message